Hiring LATAM Engineers: What US, Canadian, and European companies look for in resumes

In today’s globalized IT landscape, companies in the United States, Canada, and Europe are constantly looking for top talent to join their teams. When it comes to LATAM engineers, the competition is fierce.

In this article, we will explore the qualities and skills these companies are actively looking for in LATAM engineering resumes. If your company is looking for exceptional engineering talent, consider the specialized recruiting services offered by Mbc and Meeteam.

Key characteristics sought by international companies

Companies in the United States, Canada, and Europe are increasingly looking to Latin America (LATAM) for exceptional engineering talent. The resumes of LATAM engineers represent a rich pool of potential hires, but what exactly are these companies looking for when they sift through these documents?

At Mbc and Meeteam, we know firsthand what companies are looking for, so we want to help you with the following guide:

Technical Excellence

Companies around the world value engineers with a strong technical foundation. When creating your job postings or reviewing resumes, look for evidence of technical excellence.

At Mbc, we specialize in identifying LATAM engineers with exceptional technical skills tailored to your industry so that you can find the right specialist for your next project on our Meeteam platform.

Problem-solving skills

In the fast-paced world of IT, problem-solving is paramount. Companies want engineers who can tackle complex challenges with creativity and efficiency. 

At Meeteam, you will find LATAM’s largest pool of IT professionals who excel at problem-solving, so you can find the best engineers to build a stronger and more adaptable team at your company.

Cultural fit and adaptability

Ensuring a good cultural fit is critical when hiring from another region. LATAM engineers often bring adaptability and a collaborative spirit to the table

Our LATAM developers are multicultural, which will help foster cultural alignment and help your team integrate seamlessly.

Language Skills

Effective communication is non-negotiable for global teams. Evaluate language skills in your hiring process. Many LATAM engineers are bilingual or multilingual, making them invaluable to your international projects. 

At Mbc and Meeteam, we make it a priority for our engineers to be able to communicate in another language, so we have specialists with strong language skills, mostly in English.

International experience and certifications

Experience working in multicultural environments and relevant certifications can set LATAM engineers apart. 

Our recruiters thoroughly screen candidates to ensure they have the international experience and certifications your company needs.


When looking for top LATAM engineering talent to join your team, keeping these key attributes and skills in mind is essential. Partnering with Mbc for your recruitment needs ensures that you are matched with the best engineers who meet the above criteria.

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your team’s performance and overall competitiveness. Contact Mbc or join our Meeteam platform today for exceptional recruiting services tailored to the needs of your IT organization.

Your next exceptional hire could be just around the corner!

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